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The recruitment of top quality seafarers is one of the most important aspects of running our ships safely, professionally and efficiently.

Our goal is the continual education of our seafarers and the improvement of their professional skills to better cope with the challenging hi-tech environment of modern shipping. 

We select and recruit seafarers who can efficiently and safely carry out their duties, who are certified over and above Flag State and STCW statutory regulations, and who are competent and medically fit in line with our standards of quality.

The guiding principles of our crewing policy are the systematic external and in-house training of all our seafarers, with continual performance monitoring and appraisal, as well as career development within the company from cadet recruitment with promotion up to senior officer ranks, thus achieving high retention rates amongst our crews. 

We are committed to support all seafarers in their shipboard duties and responsibilities by providing appropriate, quality and rank-specific training over and above STCW statutory requirements. For this purpose, and in addition to our in house auditorium and training facilities, Neda maintains close collaboration with external certified training and maritime education establishments.

We employ senior and junior seagoing officers of Greek nationality directly from our Piraeus head offices. Junior officers and ratings of Philippine nationality are recruited through our exclusive local manning agents in Manila, and Polish and Ukrainian electricians are sourced via our own representative office in Swinoujscie, Poland.

With a continuous history of 140 years in shipping, NEDA guarantees a reliable and secure working environment for its seafarers.

NEDA - Building a Lifetime Relationship