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NEDA Certifications

Neda Maritime operates and maintains an integrated Safety, Quality & Environmental Management System, in accordance with the requirements of the ISM, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Standards, and is certified by Lloyd's Register Classification Society.

Our Safety, Quality and Environmental Management System addresses the monitoring of all aspects of ship operations and shore activities controlled by the Company to ensure that they are conducted in a safe, efficient and environmentally sound manner, and are consistent with customer requirements and prevailing statutory regulations, classification society rules and industry recommendations.

All seagoing and shore-based employees of Neda Maritime involved in such operations or activities ensure that these are carried out rigorously in accordance with the Company's requirements as specified in the Safety, Quality and Environmental Management System.









accre health 140x140   Safety   Quality   Environmental Protection

We define Health as the state of physical, mental and social well-being, the freedom from disease or abnormality, the ability to cope with everyday activities.


We define Safety as the state in which the risk of harm to life, environment and property is limited to an acceptable level.


We define Quality as the degree to which our activities fulfil stated or implied requirements of our Customers and other interested parties.


We define as Environmental Protection the act of keeping safe, defending, guarding and preventing damage to the environment.